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Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Armstrong Siddeley in Advertising

In contrast to the 1952 Motor Show, the 1955 show bristled with completely new models from all of the big manufacturers. Most memorable perhaps were the Jaguar 2.4, and the revolutionary Citroen DS19. For the MG buyers a new shape MGA featured, which is still much loved today. Humber, Ford, Mercedes, Sunbeam, and Rover along with others had glittering new cars on show, while Standard launched the Vanguard MK1II which would turn out to be the last of a long line of favoured middle class family cars.

Armstrong Siddeley added to the would be purchasers confusion with the MK 1I Sapphire 346, improvements having been made based on owners experiences during the previous three years. Also were launched the all new smaller Sapphire 234 and 236.

This advert carries an enormous amount of text detailing the excellent technical virtues and equipment levels of the new cars. Sadly the buying public were not overwhelmed by the body styling. Several manufacturers looked to the more rounded and bulbous lines as the shape for the future.

On this occasion, right out of the box, Jaguar's 2.4ltr. set the bar for sporty looks and massive kerb appeal.

Ironically the styling is appreciated much more today than at the launch and one has to wonder if the project name 'Amethyst' had been carried on these cars as planned, might it not have set them apart and created a distinct market sector for Armstrong Siddeley?

Our last offering this week is Smith's tribute to the new Sapphire 236 and it is interesting to read encapsulated in the small print a potted history of that company's acquisitions and development.


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