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Pictures from the Heritage Archives

From the Armstrong Whitworth section of the archives this rather tidy two seat bodied 15.9 hp. car, circa 1910, complimented by a smart young chauffeur.

Perhaps a little surprising to have a chauffeur for a two seater car. Was it for 'Mi Lady' to go visiting or shopping? Perhaps a doctor or some other professional gentleman who had no interest or inclination to learn how to drive or maintain a vehicle, but valued the convenience and independence it provided.

Note the registration number painted on the honeycomb grill. The motive power would be a four cylinder engine of some 2.4 litres driving through a four speed gearbox. Cruising speed on decent roads would be around 45mph.

Our second offering this week shows what was common practice in the early days of motoring. Pulling up by the roadside for a break and a brew was favourite until certainly into the late 1940s. The writer recalls such an occasion when travelling rug was spread on the grassy verge and afternoon tea enjoyed, during which time a friendly wave to possibly five other motorists as they passed by. You may think this was on a back road. No, it was the Edinburgh to Perth main road, now the A90 and dual carriageway, how time changes things!

The family in the photo above had been on holiday in Scotland in their Armstrong Siddeley 30hp and Siddeley Deasy They were returning home, stopping for refreshment as they neared London on the Great North Road.


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