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Pictures from the Heritage Archives

The first two pictures this week are of the same car. We only know this for sure as the registration is noted on the reverse of the post card showing the first image. The vehicle is an Armstrong Siddeley 18/20hp. four light, fabric saloon, circa 1928, first registered in Surrey.

This vehicle is fitted with many extras and this suggests an owner of good financial standing. Note the external sun visor fitted to the top of the windscreen, the spotlight, door-mirror and horn, also it has been equipped with two spare tyres. The coir mats fitted to the running board are not really of the time but were popular in a former period. We are not privy to the location where this picture was taken and we wonder if it might well have been overseas.

Our second picture appears to tell a very different story. The mirror, spotlight and horn have been removed. There seems the slight impression of a seldom used footpath, but little evidence of tyre tracks. Are we perhaps looking at the outside version of what will become a 'barn find'?

This is an occasion when the pictures leave as many questions unanswered as answered. Perhaps you our readers can throw further light on the subject.

The third picture is of an Armstrong Whitworth 17.9hp. tourer, dated 1912.

The substantial Auster screen would certainly make for comfortable travel in the rear compartment in inclement weather. The square lantern type sidelights are unusual, as are the gas(?) lights each side of the gateway. Behind the car note the garage doors leading into a glass covered area. Altogether a charming family picture with little 'missy' standing on the running board.


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