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Pictures from the Heritage Archives

Here we have a series of pictures of C Allen and Son's garage in Bristol taken in the late 1930's.

We wonder what was the occasion to get all the cars lined up with the attendants resplendent in their immaculate white overalls? There are clues, perhaps! The motor car parked side onwards is an Armstrong Siddeley 17hp Atalanta saloon, the sign on its roof advertises its selling price as £525, that was the list price of a new model. To the right and left of the parked cars is a signs extoling the merits of the Armstrong Siddeley balanced drive, could this all be a central office advertising stunt with an Atalanta saloon visiting selected dealers around the country. It's certainly a red letter day with people peeping out of the upper story windows catching a glimpse of the proceedings.

The line of cars parked face on would seem to range from 14hp models on the right to perhaps a 20/25hp on the left, they all look to be second hand examples though why have most of them not got number plates showing?

Allen's were no slouches themselves when it came to publicity, the above images shows pictures probably taken to promote their after sales service. The tow truck looks to be a modified Mk II Armstrong Siddeley 20hp with a crane attachment, whilst the Singer van is probably a 1936 5/7cwt model based on the Singer Bantam saloon.


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