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Pictures from the Heritage Archives

Hear in the UK we have already experienced a bit of traditional Christmas tide weather, which after twelve mild winters we were beginning to think had deserted us. For you perhaps it is the welcome return of glorious summer with celebratory feasting by warm oceans, but where ever you may be the Heritage Web team wish to thank you for your support and it is our hope that you will continue to find interest and enjoyment in the growing content of our site.

After five years and 132 entries in the ‘Jottings’ column it has been suggested that you may care to join in and send us photos and text for possible inclusion in this section. Regular readers know the sort of items we have covered. Share with us how the products of Armstrong Siddeley and associated companies have featured in your region. We the owners and users of classic transport, and those who just delight in the achievements of the engineers of former days, are a worldwide fellowship. Help us to make Jottings an international column for the enjoyment of all.


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