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Pictures from the Heritage Archives

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Our first picture this week is of a 6hp Siddeley Autocar parked up for a photo opportunity in Staverton, Devon. Whilst the driver has the appearance of someone about to set out on a drive the lady passenger has composed herself face on to the camera as if in a studio; I wonder if she got straight off of the motor once the picture was taken. The two ladies, complete with fancy hats, either side of the Post Office doorway complete the composition.

The 6hp model was based on Wolseley mechanical components with a body fashioned to John Siddeleys design; the engine was horizontal which was becoming outdated compared to his 12hp model which had an upright engine built to the latest Peugeot specification.

Our second picture is a bit of a puzzle! Whilst it’s most probably a 6hp Siddeley Autocar, our team here at the heritage website are bemused by the fact that there is a badge on the front of the radiator, the 6hp was badge less! Can you help to explain this?

The lettering on the side of the car shows that it is owned by a newsagent, quite an investment for such a gentleman. Perhaps the Daily Mirror placard behind the motor gives us a clue as to the date of the photo. Does it read The King and two Royal Princes visit the front? If that is true it dates the photo to 1914-18, making the car 10 to 14 years old and bringing it within the means of a newsagent.


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