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Pictures from the Heritage Archives

This week we look at some period photos of Siddeley-Deasy motorcars.

This would appear to be an early Deasy, before they were renamed as Siddeley-Deasys, with a torpedo style body. The young lady posing on the running board looks extremely pleased with herself, perhaps the mountain of goods on the back seat is an early example of retail therapy. The uniformed chauffeur looks placidly on, seen it all before James?

You can clearly see the radiator placed behind the engine, the bonnet does live up to the description of a "Transylvanian Coffin Lid".

Our second picture was taken at Christchurch New Zealand showing that Siddeley-Deasys were exported to all parts the then ‘British Empire’.

Finally, here we have King George V and Queen Mary on a visit to India in 1912 as Emperor and Empress. The photo would appear to have been enhanced particularly around the bonnet area.


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