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Siddeley Times Competition number two.

Members of the Armstrong Siddeley Trust who are attempting to find the answers to the competition in the Autumn 2020 issue of Siddeley Times may be finding the third question a little more difficult than was intended because of a misprint that escaped the editor’s notice during proof reading. The words ‘passerine laudidae’ should have read ‘passerine alaudidae’. The editor apologises for this error and promises to lay off giggle juice on 29.2.21 as a token of penance. Any non-members reading this and wanting to find out more about this competition, or the beginning and ending of Armstrong Siddeley cars, or the evolution of the Sapphires 234 and 236, subjects which are covered in the current issue of the members’ journal, Siddeley Times, are advised to go to the ‘Join Us’ tab and fill in the membership form. New members are always welcome.


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