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Pictures from the Heritage Archives

Interesting cars with Interesting histories.  14

Our last jotting entry introduced us to the pinnacle of John Siddeley’s personal car design and manufacturing ambitions. True, as was the case some 31 years earlier when he started his career in the motor industry, his name alone appeared on the radiator, but this was now something very special. We will never know what was in John’s mind at this time but it would be just two years after the launch of this car that he entered into many years of well-deserved retirement. The phrase ‘Swan Song’ is perhaps appropriate.

The entry in the main section of this web site shows pictures of the mechanical components of the Siddeley Special, but now the Heritage Trust has in its care a beautifully sectioned example of this 30hp, five litre Hiduminium alloy Siddeley Special engine, as shown below.

Judging by the interest shown whenever a Siddeley Special Bonnet is opened, many would consider the engine to be work of art in its own right.

Pictured above three Siddeley Specials attending the 2016 year’ Thornycroft’ event in the Memorial Park, Basingstoke.   Photo credit Janine Warner.


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