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Armstrong Siddeley in Adverts

1912 saw the formation of Stoneleigh Motors Limited by the Deasy Motor Company. Their purpose was to build light cars and light commercial vehicles under a name which would not affect the prestige of the JDS Deasy cars.

We move on to the 7th of November 1913 when the Deasy board passed unanimously the motion: 'that in recognition of the tremendous strides the company had taken with J. D. Siddeley as Managing Director, the company name be changed to The Siddeley- Deasy Motor Car Co. Ltd.'

This was also the year the company tooled up to produce its own engines and consequently expanded its premises. These developments put Siddeley-Deasy in a strong position when war broke out the following year and they were soon producing ambulances, field kitchens, assorted lorries and staff cars.

Early in the war Siddeley-Deasy secured Government contracts to construct aircraft frames, and aircraft engines. As the company was by far the smallest of the five selected this was providential which would give great benefit through two world wars and long into the future thereafter.


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