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Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Armstrong Siddeley in Advertising

Moving on from the motor show launch of 1919 the advertising during 1920 of the one model 30HP car was stepped up and the car was brought to the public's attention in quality national newspapers and periodicals.

Apart from articles and advertising in the motoring press two favourites appear to have been the Country Life and Punch magazines.

Doubtless by now you will have noticed one of the John Siddeley's by-lines which was repeated in most of the company's advertising of this period. 'You can not buy a better car'. A bold statement which would not be allowed today. In the 1920s advertising regulation was almost non existent allowing for a greater freedom to express one's belief in one's product!

In the second and third adverts above it appears that those who purchased the Armstrong Siddeley 30hp car agreed with him.

This was also the year when royal patronage was secured. Prince Albert Duke of York (later to become King George VI) on 11th June visited Parkside to collect the first of several Armstrong Siddeleys which he would purchase.

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