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Pictures from the Heritage Archives

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Armstrong Siddeley in Advertising

During 1958 and into the early months of 1959 the Armstrong Siddeley Motors Experimental department had been working on a phase 2 version of the Star Sapphire. This was to be a further stop gap design till the company could afford the investment needed for a completely new design. It was thought 1962 might be about the time that this would be possible. Due to continuing pressure on the aerospace industry a new aero engine division was formed between Bristol Aircraft and Armstrong Siddeley Motors to form the Bristol Siddeley Engine Division. Ironic then, that when this Mk2 version of the Star Sapphire was presented to the board it was the very day that further funding was pulled and production ceased of both the Bristol 407 and the Armstrong Siddeley Star Sapphire. However Arnold Hall (later Sir) appointed in charge of the newly formed Bristol Siddeley Engine Division was happy to take the Mk2 prototype as his company car.

Pictured above the car as it is today, plain to see are the wing mirrors and wheel embellishers which were among several items Sir Arnold added to the car. The vehicle remained in Hawker Siddeley ownership till August 1966 before passing into private hands.

What might the Mk 3 Star have looked like? From this in-house design photographed above various influences have been noted. Farina BMC lines, Rover P5, maybe a touch of Lancia Flamina and even perhaps a splash of Michelotti flare? What many did agree on was the strong resemblance this car had to the new Rolls Royce Silver Shadow when launched in1965.


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