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Star of the Show

At a local Armstrong Siddeley event last weekend, a couple were admiring the cars and the gentleman was overheard to say that he thought the sphinx indicated there was some connection with Egypt. This gave an opportunity to inquire if they would like to know the story behind the use of the Sphinx as a mascot, The suggestion was welcomed and it was related how back in about 1912 a journalist when road testing a Siddeley Deasy car had used the phrase 'as silent and as inscrutable as the Sphinx'.

John Siddeley latched on to this concept and thereafter the Sphinx in various forms graced the Siddeley Deasy and then Armstrong Siddeley cars till production ceased in 1960.

Further conversation revealed that in the lady's family when she was young there had been a much loved Armstrong Siddeley car. Mention of the forthcoming 100 years celebrations starting at Bamburgh Castle caused her to recount a very recent visit there. When asked if they had viewed the Armstrong Siddeley car in the museum, they enthusiastically gave assurance that they had and the lady finished her remarks by adding in hushed tones 'it was what I liked best, better even than the castle.'


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