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Pictures from the Heritage Archives.

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Most manufacturers back in the thirty years after WWII were keen to promote the end product in the pictures which reached the public. Many had in house or employed professional photographers for this purpose. It is seldom we see the gritty working environment which existed in the creation of, in this case, a quality motor car.

In the Heritage photographic archives is a selection of professional and amateur pictures which cover most of the manufacturing steps needed to create perfection. First in a series which we plan to share is this late 1940s shot of the machine shop.

Here the many steps were taken to convert a blank lump of metal into the crafted engine block around which the beating heart of the car was constructed. Some idea of the noise and clamour of close working heavy machinery, rattling hoist chains, all in limited space and all under artificial light comes across.


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